History & Funding

Under authority of the Sanitary District Act of Ohio, the Toledo Area Sanitary District (TASD) was started Sept. 27, 1945, by the Common Pleas Court of Lucas County following petition to the Court for the establishment of the District for the abatement and control of mosquitoes. It became operational in 1946 and actual control operations began in 1947. In accordance with the statue, responsibility for policy determination for the TASD resides with the Director appointed by the judges of the Common Pleas Court. The Secretary – Treasurer and General Manager are appointed by the Director. Funding for the TASD is provided through a special assessment levied upon property holders within Lucas County. The maximum rate allowed by the Sanitary District Act of Ohio is 0.36 mills. Currently, TASD is operating below the maximum allowable millage and tries to run an efficient and cost-conscious program. For current millage rates and the cost to individual homeowners, please contact our office.