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Mosquito Control for a Safe and Quality Environment

Integrated Mosquito Management Plan (IMM)

The TASD practices, promotes, and firmly believes in utilizing integrated mosquito management (IMM) techniques for our operations. Utilizing IMM philosophies means that we approach the task of mosquito control from a holistic perspective: seeking to prevent and control mosquito populations at every possible level of their development.

The IMM approach employed by the TASD focuses on surveillance, source reduction, larval mosquito control, adult mosquito control, education, and community outreach. No single phase of the IMM approach is more important than another. Each aspect of this approach is integral to reducing and controlling mosquito populations in the most efficient and environmentally conscious manner possible. IMM uses methods that, when followed correctly, are safe and have been scientifically shown to reduce mosquito populations.

Larval Mosquito Control:
For water that contains mosquito larvae and cannot be drained or dumped, TASD professional can use a variety of techniques and products to reduce mosquitoes before they become biting adults. Learn more about our Larval Mosquito Control Program >>

Spray Schedule:
Use our interactive maps and daily updated list to see if we are conducting an adult control treatment near you.
Find our Daily Spray Schedule here >>

Water Management & Source Reduction:
Mosquito larvae need water to survive. TASD professionals and homeowners can remove sources of standing water to reduce mosquito larvae before they become flying adult mosquitoes.
Learn more about our Water Management & Source Reduction Program>>

Adult Mosquito Control:
Adult mosquitoes are not only a potential nuisance, but also can carry life threating diseases. When surveillance data dictates TASD will respond to high population levels and elevated diseases risk by utilizing a variety of adult control techniques. Learn more about our Adult Mosquito Control Program >>

Education & Outreach:
TASD is dedicated to providing educational resources for residents in Lucas County about mosquito related topics. Learn more about our Education & Outreach >>

Biologists at TASD utilize a variety of surveillance techniques and traps to gain an understanding of mosquito population dynamics, disease risk, and invasive species presence. All the data collected through this program is used to make informed control decisions.
Learn more about our Surveillance Program >>

Here is the latest mosquito-borne disease transmission statistics from the Ohio Department of Health. Keep using that repellent until we get the first hard frost!

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2 weeks ago

Toledo Area Sanitary Dist
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Look what our crews found this week in a backyard! How does this even happen?? It makes for great mosquito habitat and creates a problem for the whole neighborhood! Make sure to properly dispose of tires or store them in a dry location. If you know of tire piles like this, you can go on our website and "Request a TASD Service" for us to come and check it for mosquitoes and treat it. ... See MoreSee Less

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4 weeks ago

Toledo Area Sanitary Dist

This is the time of year when we typically start to see human cases of West Nile Virus. Take personal protective measures when you are outside during the times of day that mosquitoes are active.Protect yourself and your family from mosquito bites that can make you sick.

Summertime means mosquito and West Nile virus (WNV) season. A bite from an infected mosquito can make you or a family member sick. In North America, cases of WNV occur during the summer and continue into fall. WNV is the most common virus spread by mosquitoes in the continental United States. Stay healthy this summer. Take steps to prevent mosquito bites. bit.ly/2nTj5pU
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